Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 64th birthday Gail

I think a picture is worth a 1000 words so here are several thousand words!!  Grandma reading, Gail in her Wintergreen coat, Grandma making the last batch of lefsa she ever made, Leo modeling Grandma's last sewing project, Grandma dancing with Henry, Gail in Hawaii and Grandma packing deer meat.  The pictures show Gail at her best, serving and loving and being with HER grandchildren.  I could say so many things but perhaps most have or will be repeated in the months past or in the months ahead.  Cynthia sent me a forward thing named the invisible woman.  That was Gail.  So many times and after so many events you could say to yourself where was Gail.  If one would examine what just happened you would find out that it could NOT have taken place if Gail hadn't been part of it yet you really did not see her.  She often felt badly about the lack of order in her home or the fact that she may not have finished something but in the finally tally she was the conduit, she was the glue, she was the paste that held things together, that made things successful and she was Christ to so many people so many times.
I salute you Gail for who you were, for what you did, for how you served and for all the love you so freely gave to me and everyone you touched.  My only hope is that I too may reach heaven some day and when I do I will be able to touch your garment, hold your hand and hug you once again.
In an hour and half family in town will gather at the gravesite.  After that we will go out for breakfast.  I think the last time we gathered for breakfast out on Gail's birthday was on her 60th and we surprised her at the Hot Plate in Minneapolis.  This morning there will be tears, there will be laughter and there will be memories and memories and more memories.  We will talk about how much we loved our Gail, how good she was, how much we miss her and how she influenced our lives so much.  I will recall her 50th when we surprised her with the table and then Al and Deb took us out to Bakers Square so about 50 friends could gather at our place to surprise her.  Maybe I'll mention when the Dodges had a surprise party and as we pulled up to the house Lizzia hide in someone's front yard and an almost naked man opened the door to ask her what she was doing in his bushes and of course I can't forget the only birthday we spent alone before family.   That was in 1968 in Minot where the temp that night was -28 and the next morning a window had blown out of our car.
Gail, we said good bye 15 weeks ago but you remain in our thoughts and in our hearts daily.  Happy Birthday.

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