Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am back

This was taken in the winter of 1968, close to Gail's 23rd birthday.  We are standing on the steps up to our basement apt in Ms Cox's house on the hill in Minot. Our first year of marriage we moved in June, in August, in December and again in March.  What fu??!!
I have returned from the gravesite and breakfast.  We missed having A/A there but everyone else was there and it was nice to do that.  On the way home I stopped and bought a mocha for Gail and drank it myself as I sat in Barns and Nobles to read Wood magazine.  The rest of the day will not be exciting.  Low key and at home with some work on papers, a nap as I didn't sleep much last night and I am sure many many memories of the "good times".  Maybe I will do some dreaming of "good times" in the future.  I have not been able to do that yet but I may try today.
Gail would have loved the day.  Not too cold at +21 and there are snow flurries in the air.  I think Gail would have wanted to get the grandkids to make snow angels.  For sure she would want to go on a long walk.  I did drive home along the river as Gail and I often did that.  The gates to the parks are closed for the winter so could not go there.
The grand kids were so good at breakfast this morning.  All of them wanted to sit by Uncle Travis and Faustina got to sit on his lap.  When Travis got up to use the restroom it looked like the pied piper going some place with that trail of kids behind him.  If I was not sure of who I am grandpa could have been jealous.  As it was I just smiled and had another sip of coffee.
I will end with my all time favorite Gail's birthday story.  When she turned 50 I ordered an Amish table and 8 chairs and it was a surprise.  We got it and stored it in Lizzia's garage.  Then we got Lizzia to invite her over for tea and while they were having tea we brought the table over and set it up.  When it was ready we rushed over, covered her head with a blanket and brought her home.  It was such a surprise and so much fun.  After that it was no more visitors falling through the seat of our dining room chairs!!!!!  Then that night we had a surprise party at our house and had Al/Deb invite us out for pie.  Then in the middle of pie we had them get a phone call and they said they needed to go home because of the kids.  When Gail and I arrived home there were 50+ people in the house and she was so surprised.  For sure our marriage and Gail's time on earth was very full of life, of love and I am so thankful. 

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Anonymous said...

I only knew Gail by sight, when I saw her at meetings with you Carmen. Thank you for sharing these past months a little bit about your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions about the wonderful gift of Gail to you and your family. I can envision her being honored this day around the banquet table of the Lord. Prayers continue for you in 2010 and for your family. Your sharing on this blog is a gift. Keep it up!

David Limberg