Monday, December 7, 2009

I wouldn't go there

One could be tempted to say oh for the good old days. I thought about that and decided I will not go there. How could I "want" for the good old days? If I were to do that maybe Gail would have decided to not marry me, maybe I wouldn't have lived in St. Paul, maybe I would not have 7 children(3 by marriage), maybe I would not have 6+ grandchildren, maybe those blessed wonderful 41 years with Gail would turn out to be with nobody! No I will take where I am today having been blessed with so much in family, friends and community. Now if the "good old days" could take me back to good health for Gail and the dream of living into old age with her I would take that in a nanosecond.
The picture was taken in the summer of 1966 and that is me with my beloved Harley Sprint which was my only transportation until I married Gail. In those days I lived for the rides that we would go on and Gail would hang on to my waist so tight. Even though I loved my cycle so much the day we were married I gave it to my dad and having Gail instead of my cycle was the best thing I ever did.
I am still in the half work, half lazy mode today. I did some things but not enough yet. Travis, Cynthia and Faustina were here for some time this morning and that was good. I am upset with Cynthia because she left too much delicious lefsa and I am going to get fat!! I took a walk and ended up sitting in a book store and reading wood magazines for a while. I also bought some of Regina Candy's home make candy canes. I usually order them but forgot and I could not believe they had 4 left so that is all I got. I also stopped at Davanni's with a $20 gift that was dated Dec 19, 2006. They actually took it and gave me the balance in cash. So I had lunch and walked away with $12 in my pocket.
I put out much for the recycle again. That is so nice to be able to recycle things. I am guessing that I put out about 30 boxes that I took apart and another 10 bags of papers. I will be happy when that kind of work is finished. I think I am getting a bit burned out on recycling etc.
I think it had better be back to work.

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