Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sitting at home makes one mind wander!!

One more note for the day.  I could not sit at home too long as way too many thoughts would go through my mind as I sat.  So I put my merrell slip on shoes, my poly longjohns, my wintergreen fleece pants and my camp hooded sweatshirt to go riding and looking.  I ended up at the Galleria in Edina, never been there before and I would say may never go there again.  A tad on the upper side I would say.  I saw mostly coach purses, leather or fur coats, skinny tight pants with bulges in the back.  I think those bulges were wallets full of money!!!!  Then any store I went into there would be some nice pretty lady come up to me and ask how I was.  I would say I was fine but what I really wanted to do was shout in her face, "I am sad because we lost our beloved Gail".  Of course I would never do that but it would have made me feel better!!!!!
I missed the birthday cards that Gail usually would get.  I knew they would not come but I did miss seeing them come in the mail and being so proud of my Gail that so many would send her cards.  I also missed dreaming about what I could get her.  Often I would dream and then I would give her a kiss and hug and just say happy birthday.  Gifts would come at any time of the year but usually not on birthdays or special occasions.
I have been thinking a lot today about how I should use my time and I may do something like Carmen's Creative Carpentry and make a few special pieces of furniture each year and then sell them for MUCH money---right!!!!  No the making is kind of serious, the MUCH money is a pipe dream which is not realistic nor important.  To start with I have an idea for a wall in the den that I think I may start with, can't tell now but I may do something interesting.  We can not allow life to get dull and boring. 

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