Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another First and it's the last thing I wanted

As you can see when Uncle Travis is around he commands the attention of each one of those little people!!  Here he is showing funny pictures on his cell phone and of course Henry and Liam think that it is the funnest ever.  Nice to have a great uncle.
I would grade the day a C-.  I really can't do better than that when Gail is not here.  It really went well but I would say that there was sadness in the air all over the place.  It was the kind of day when you could have eaten and eaten the best food in the world and still there would be that empty feeling in your stomach.  Well we are about through it and can check off another FIRST in this year.  Travis remarked that it is hard to believe that looking at a year ago and now one can not only say Gail is gone but on this Friday it will have been 8 months.  It seems like an hour and it seems like 5 years.
Everyone left by about 7:00 and so here I am blogging.  On days like this I want to be alone and I do not want to be alone.  And having said that it sounds so crazy but really it is 100% true. 
I am kind of tired and I am going to put my best effort into getting to sleep early tonight.  I have a 6:30 breakfast with Jim C and then I think I will sit down after that and try to plan the week.  I think I have a fairly open week, will see how it turns out.
Time to close and call it a day.

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