Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hydrangea Heaven

The big thing yesterday was changing the landscape in front of the house.  The top pictures are the east side before and after while the bottom is the west side before and after.  I can never get the pictures to be in the place I want so my directions may be off.  Cynthia and Faustina did much of the work!!!  Actually Faustina supervised.  I am excited to see how the flowers grow and look after a few weeks.  And really, the beds looked as bad as they are in the pictures before the work.
A lot was accomplished yesterday but oh there is so much more to do.  Bored, I will never be but I am thankful for family to help, health to work and finances to pay for it.  Well, Cynthia did not give me the tab yet so I THINK I am thankful for the finances.
I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.  I will not go into those things here but many important things and it has been hard for my body to settle down.  Have been taking Advil PM maybe too often to sleep.  I am not in a depressed state or really a sad state just in a bit of turmoil emotionally so prayers are welcome.  My stomach has been kind of knotted up for a few days and my nerves have been a bit on edge.  I am guessing it is all part of the change from one life to another so I am expecting it to come to a close soon.  If it comes to an end, then what?  Not sure but I know God is good so I should not worry.
I am looking forward to school being out.  No, it does not affect me in a working way but I think I can spend more time with the grand children, biking and things like that.  I hope------many times it seems that my schedule gets so full so fast and I don't even go look for things to do.
At this time I am thinking the only trips I will make before August camp is for Ruby Gail's baptism in early June and then our 3 night family camping trip during July 4 weekend.  I think, I am not sure, that after Labor Day I may get lost for some time and be on the road.  Where to????   I may just duplicate what Gail and I did in 07, know what my destination is but leave the journey there and back again to a daily decision.  I am rethinking how I should go.  My plugger pickup is my camping mode but with gas prices and with a nice car to drive I may change that.  If I could think of enough friends and family to stay with on the road I may not camp too much, I will see as that is several months off.  As I write that I am thinking I just may be starting to dream again, WOW.
The last reading from Did I tell you:
Did I tell you these things as we went along the way?  If I did I am humbly grateful.  If I did not then you must choose for yourself.  If it has meaning accept it and make it your own.  If it does not discard it.  Your life is yours to build as you choose.  And did I tell you.....I hope it will be a good life.   I love you Mom!!
I have several things to do today, none of which is work but got places to go and people to see so best be off.

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