Thursday, May 20, 2010

They tell me it's about Mars and Venus!!

Just a short note as I finish my morning coffee before I venture outside. 
A really funny thing this morning that relates to the title.  Cynthia and I have been working hard at making the front yard look nice by putting flowers, bushes etc in.  I think it looks so much better than it has in the past and of course the sod helps a lot too.  Mary, down the street commented yesterday now nice it looks, my neighbor said it looks nice and a couple of other women have made nice comments as they passed by.  This morning five guys came for meditations.  All walked up the front walk and into the house.  Not a word about the flowers, the yard or anything.  As they left I laughed and thought no wonder I miss my Gail so much!!!!!!
I did it my way, not the easy way this morning.  After the guys had left I went up town, got muffins and bacon and then came home and made myself two egg-bacon sandwiches.  Now I am not saying that is the greatest breakfast but at least I put some effort into it.  Much better, I think, than a peanut butter sandwich which is quick or a slice of toast with jam on it or even a cheese sandwich.  I thought I need to put more time and effort into my meals as it is so easy to just do something quick for one person.  Now maybe I need to work on the healthy issue, I will try.
Much to do today as the sod needs MUCH water, more yard work, wood shop things, should cut the grass, kill the dandelions and the list goes on for some time.  I forgot to say as I was coming home I did stop at Starbucks to treat myself.  I am getting a bit better at not feeling guilty when I spend a couple of $$ on that kind of thing. Sandy, the gal I know who works there Wed and Thur, and I have this on going joke when I come in about how I only come in when she is working and I always say she needs to work only 1 day a week as I can't afford to buy coffee twice a week.  I call her the Highland icon as she as worked there since it opened perhaps 10 years ago.
The challenge continues to be how to remember Gail, how to digest her values and mine now, how to put all of those wonderful memories in the right heart compartment and then live for the here and now.  It may sound like it's easy but for me it is a daily and sometimes hourly challenge.

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macman said...

2 egg/bacon sandwiches sound good to me. At the Real Meal Deli downtown St. Paul we occasionally get the sirloin/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich. That's breakfast/lunch and a lite dinner all in one.