Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing the Farmer bit

I sat in the back yard for about an hour today.  Here is part of what I saw.  A cardinal looking for the worm maybe and the yellow ??? scratching itself in the tree. 
I am spending Memorial Day working in the yard.  I had to take a break and enjoy God's gifts to us.  There are not as many birds as there used to be since we had to cut down some trees years ago but still enough to enjoy.
The weather is ideal with 80, sunny and a slight breeze.  Can not get nicer than that.  I cut the sod for the first time today so will see how that does.  It should be OK.
There is not much else.  I think I have shared before that this was the day before our wedding, 42 years ago.  At this time way back we were driving as fast as we dared in hopes that we would get back in time for the rehearsal and we did.  I was thinking that today a young couple would say I will not walk for the graduation ceremony but back then it seemed not to be an option, you just had to take part in such a big event.  Not to say we were right or wrong and today they are right or wrong, just a different time.
I think I have had enough of a break from the yard and will get back to watering, cutting, digging and in general playing a bit of farmer.  When I lived on a farm I said this is not for me, now that I live in the city I enjoy pretending I am a farmer.  One could almost say that guy is more than a little mixed up but then what is new in your life???????

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