Monday, May 31, 2010

Can't find it

Here it is Monday, May 31.  Travis and I drove to Lake Park yesterday for Dan Binde's graduation.  It was nice to see many family as we do not get to see them often enough.  Left at 10:00 AM and returned at 9:30 PM so it was much driving and a short trip.
I searched for a long time and can not, at this time, put my finger on a picture of Gail 42 years ago today.  Regardlessshe walked through the graduation ceremony for college, we jumped in the car and drove 300+ miles to reach Cayuga in time for our wedding rehearsal and the dinner that followed it.  It certainly was a long tiring day but so exciting. I would not want to go back to those days but it surely is fun to remember them, relive them in one's mind and to smile or chuckle at the youth, the naivety, the excitement and the innocence of the time.  We were so much in love, not even understanding love AT ALL, that every moment, every word, every smile, every look was an adventure and a time to cherish.  Of course that was and still is true but there is something so special about those early years that a person just could never capture when one got to a place where we "understood" what life really was.  Isn't that funny.
I told Gail's mother yesterday at graduation that we were so thankful for all the work she put into our special day as we were both going to school far away and much of the work was left to her.
Enough, I need some sleep.

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