Saturday, May 8, 2010

A long day

Could not sleep real well last night so was up at 3:00.  I was able to get the potatoes boiled and the eggs boiled along with some camp work before I headed to the state fair grounds to work from 9-2.  Came home and cut up the eggs and potatoes before Faustina came at 4:00.  Faustina went down at 7:00 so I was then able to mix the p salad up and I think for tomorrow it may be a B or a B+.  It may be a bit too liquid but we will see.  So here it is 11:30 and it is time to get some sleep. 
Tomorrow is of course another first, the first Mother's Day without mother.
Travis and I will go to 7 AM church and then out for breakfast.  From there we will go to the cementry with flowers.  After that I may spent some time alone before the afternoon grilling here with the potato salad!!  It sounds like a full day.
As I was making food today and caring for Faustina I thought God certainly has strange plans or at least they are ones I don't understand.  Making the P salad and caring for Faustina is really grandma territory but there I was doing the best I knew how and yes I shed a few tears.  I am hoping my mind stays focused and on task tomorrow as I don't mind a few tears but God, please no water shed.
Time for bed.

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