Saturday, May 29, 2010

A nondiscript day

A little done and kind of a normal day.
I worked in the rose bed for about 2 hours.  Finished by putting some coco beans around them after I had dug up the dirt and weeded.  I also dug around the edge where the dirt meets the lawn.  Gail always wanted to line that with baseball size rocks from the farm but we never did get that done. 

The temp hit in the low 90's so it was warm.  I think it is not supposed to be so warm now for the next several days.  The sod is soaking up water and the bare spots where I seeded grass is coming up.  Don't know if that will continue but hope so. 

I need, in a big way, to get a fence up on the west side.  Wallace has gotten out a few times and now he is a pest in that regard.  It really is not his fault as the fence not only looks stupid but could not hold the rain out.  I am not sure what I will do tomorrow as I will be gone all day to the Binde's for Dan's graduation and I don't trust Wallace in the yard now.  I think I will have to call on Cynthia again.

Am kind of quiet today.  John asked if I wanted to come over for dinner but for some reason I just did not feel like being with anyone.  Am not sure that is good but today that is the way is was. 

I did drive through the cemetery on my way home from Sams.  I really should get some flowers out early tomorrow morning.  I will not go out Monday as it looks like it could be crowded.  They have port-a-potties, big tents and all kinds of things up as Monday, Memorial Day must be the biggest of the year.
Perhaps Memorial Day followed by June 1st causes me to stop, think, reflect and be sad.  I have not really felt sad, but I would say maybe a little numb and melancholy.  Not real sure right now.

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