Friday, May 7, 2010

No Rabbit

No rabbit this time!!!  We saw one but it ran.  Went with John, Henry and Liam to a farm near Prescott WI and shot 22's for about an hour.  It was the first for the boys.  I NEEDED my camera but I did not remember to bring it.  Liam did great but is pretty young and he shot perhaps 5 times and hit the target once!!  Henry shot perhaps 20 times or so and he did well with the 22 that had a scope.  It was so fun to watch them and it brought back memories of giving rifles to my boys and living on the farm growing up and my dad lived to hunt and shoot.  As the boys were shooting I could see the blackbirds fall out of the trees behind our out house and feel the pride when I would go to pick the bird up to give it to the cat.  It also brought back the terrible memories when my 14 years old cousin got killed in a hunting accident.  I was not there but I remember my dad and how hard it was on him.  Anyway the afternoon was fun.  I think the boys really enjoyed it and for sure they enjoyed the McDonalds on the way home!!!!I did not get any work done today and it did not bother me in the least.  I did find a recipe for what looks like a good cookie so I will try and bake them for Mother's Day along with the potato salad.  I only hope that the boys do not eat a cookie and say it is not good and perhaps Liam will then say when is grandma going to be resurrected!!  He does ask that sometimes but not in reference to cookies!  I am kind of excited and kind of fearful of makeing potato salad.  I guess I will give it my best shot and what ever will be will be.  I am going to try to peel the potatoes by boiling them and then putting them in ice water, hope it works.
I will be working parking lot again this weekend but it will be only Friday and Saturday.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is cold and rainy, ouch.  It looks like the weather will be not so good tomorrow and maybe better on the weekend. 
I had better get some sleep as last night I did not sleep well and here it is past 1:00 this morning but darn it, I wish I would have brought the camera.

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Anonymous said...

Carmen you cook the potatoes with the skins on and then let them cool, then skin them and cut them up. You want good salad please don't put them in ice water. You can cook them Saturday night and make your salad the next day. Joan