Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't know if Gail was right.

 Happy birthday Faustina, can't wait until you party today.
Gail often accused me of being unrealistic, of not seeing the entire picture.  I don't know if she was right or not.  I had a good day and actually perhaps a few consecutively. 
I started the day with a 7:00 AM meeting and then spent an hour at home with Jerry W.  After that I cut some flowers from Susan down the street and brought them to Gail.  I drove home in the rain but a short time later the sun came out, the temp went up and I spent the entire day working in the shop and garage until dark.  When I am able to have a day like that and then it was followed by the last couple of days I tend to say, "Lord, maybe you are ready for me to become more real again!"  Just maybe I can begin to compile and file those thousands and thousands of happy memories in the right place and begin to live the life of NOW.  I still tend to think of how Gail is not here, she will not be here tomorrow and not next week either.  So I ask the Lord what does that mean?  He has not given me much of an answer yet but I know he will.  Maybe I am coming to the end of the tunnel but then Gail did say I was the eternal optimist.
We get to celebrate Faustina's birthday tomorrow.  The party starts at 12:30 and the fun starts at the same time.
Oh my goodness.  It is so late and I thought I was tired at 11:00 but then I thought I am not sure if Mark and Mary need to be picked up at midnight tonight or tomorrow.  I always thought it was Sunday at midnight and I guess I was correct as no call tonight so I had better try to get some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time with Faustina on her birthday today. I bet she enjoyed it. You need a big calender or notepad and make yourself notes so you don't get things confused! As we get older we forget things that aren't written down, I've got a head start on that one. Glad to hear you're having better days. The good memories will be there but it's fun creating new ones as well.Writing new chapters in one's book of life is exciting.