Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I goofed again but in a good way!!

My question is can a person goof in a good way?  My answer is YES. 
As I was working around the house this morning I realized that I had not blogged yesterday.  Now for me blogging daily has been my therapy, my time to think and write, my time to mourn and my time to grieve.  SO if I forgot to do that yesterday I say that is a good sign. 
On Sunday I went to a prayer meeting celebrating Pentacost.  One of the things that happened is anyone could go up front and asked to be prayed with for any of the spiritual gifts they wanted for the first time or wanted more of.  Towards the end the guy who was sitting next to me leaned over, put his arm around me and said he had been prayed over for wisdom and he was going to step out and use it.  He said he felt God wanted me to know that he was willing to take my sorrow, my grief and shoulder that for me.  I claimed it and said many many thanks my Lord.  I think he did it.  Now I know my grief is not over, I know God has always been at my side and I know that the rest of my life will not be happy and wonderful all the time BUT I claim a new time for my emotions. 
As I sit this morning blogging it is 7:30 and I am finished with the dishes and on my 4th cycle of watering the sod.  I put it on for 30 minutes and then move it and let it water for 30 more minutes.  My stomach is saying I need to eat something but that can wait a bit.
Someone asked me a few days ago what I did with all my time.  Here is a sample of what I did with my time yesterday:
  • woke up about 6:00 and started watering the sod and flowers
  • made some breakfast during that time and of course coffee
  • paid a bill on line
  • went through my e-mails from the last 3 months to make sure I had not missed a staff for camp and I found I had forgotten to write one down 
  • worked on some other camp things
  • filled the water filter that I have and filled a plastic jug so it would be full for Travis or Cynthia
  • put a load of white clothes in the washer
  • drove to the cemetary to look at Milbank granite with different writing on 
  • went to Gerten's Garden Center and asked them about apple trees
  •  on the way from Gerten's drove past the clinic Gail went to a year ago--big time trigger
  • went to Lowe's and shopped for about an hour
  • came home and hung 4 shades in thekitchen
  • hung the clothes on the line
  • put the AC unit in the living room
  • mowed the lawn
  • had some lunch
  • fixed the fence as Wallace got out
Now it is 3:00 and I was tired.  I could not understand as I was sweating so much mowing the lawn and then I was reminded that it was 95 out.  I took a 45 minute nap and Cynthia called to invite me for dinner.  I just can not turn down dinner invitations so spent about an hour with Cynthia/Mike/Faustina and Jude.  I tell you Jude's smile lights up the entire world and then some.  He truely is a son/sun.
So now I know how I spend my time.
After I eat I will go to Schonrock Monument this morning and make the final changes for the monument.  I am thinking that my time line of mid June is going to be pretty close.  Memorial Day would have been nice but not to be.  On my way home I will stop to get the door latch for the drryer so I can fix that. 
The weather is a tiny bit cooler this morning so I turned off the AC units and opened some windows.  It is nice to get fresh air in the house. 
I am still 10 days away from seeing Leo and Ruby Gail but I am getting excited.  I am sure she has changed so much and that Leo just talks and talks more each time I see him.  Of course it is always nice to see Aaron and Amy too.
Time to go----places to go, things to see, work to be done and people to visit.

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