Monday, May 3, 2010

A reminder

I stopped in to State Farm today to let them know about the car and then I asked them for a new atlas.  On the cover was a light house very much like this.  This picture was taken in PEI in 2007.

It was a day where I did much.  I have not had many like that but some of the things that were done:
  • went to State Farm Insurance
  • made a trip to Goodwill
  • went to Menards and Home Depot
  • got the lawn mowed
  • trimmed some grass
  • got the gas trimmer started
  • arranged some things in the basement
  • measured to see that I CAN get both vehicles in the garage
  • did some work in the shop
  • did some camp work
So there was some things done which is good.  I forced myself to sleep past 6:00 and then did not get up until 7:15 so certainly should have slept enough.   I did not walk but ran around a lot including mowing the lawn so I think I got enough steps in. 
I did get a call from the state fair and they needed someone to work this Friday and Saturday for 5 hours each day so I will do that.  I was not planning to work until late June.

I was not planning to do anything for Mother's Day but got an e-mail from Travis and talked to John so am rethinking that.  Not sure what I should do but I do think that will be a difficult day.  I spent some time tonight reading my May 2009 blog but soon realized that I probably should not do too much of that now.  At a later time it may be OK.

I think I will watch some of the Twins tonight and relax a bit.  Maybe I will turn down the sound and read as I watch. 

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Anonymous said...

You must be taking some mega vitamins with all that energy! You get everything done and get bored come to my house, I'll put you to work and feed you to boot!
Yard work here too but then the day was just too beautiful, so trapsed around the golf course enjoying nature. Spring is such a wonderful rebirth of nature's miracles, I love it!