Friday, May 21, 2010

A day on the go

It is late so no picture.
Here was my day.
  • Got to get out into the wood shop--no I had better water the sod
  • Better get out into the wood shop--no I need to go to the monument place
  • I think I will go out into the shop--no Cynthia is here for lunch
  • Time to get some wood working done--no better get some fence from Menards
  • Now, out to the wood shop--wait I need to plant the garden
  • Got to get out into the shop--no I better patch the bare spots in the lawn
  • I really need to go in the shop--Hi John lets talk
  • Now I can go work in the wood shop--John/Mary and family how about going to Bucas?
  • Maybe I can get some wood working done--I have one row of garden to plant
  • I think I'll get out into the shop--wow it's almost 8:00 I should never work out there when I am tired
That's it, much done but no wood shop work.  I guess there is always tomorrow.

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