Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More done

More yard work was done today.  It is fun to get things looking pretty and yet it is not so fun without my Gail.  I almost feel guilty that I have spent the money.  Gail never wanted to spend much money and was so so aware of the dollars we spent on the yard.  I know it is OK now but it does give me thoughts.  Cynthia has done a wonderful job and Faustina supervises in a good way as long as Teddy is near.
I went to Susan down the street who has so many flowers and she said I could cut flowers anytime so I brought 3 beautiful ones out to Gail.  They have put in the foundation and it makes such a difference.  Of course it will be so nice when the monument is in but just getting the foundation in is great progress.  Now for the time being we could set potted plants on it if we wanted to do that.
The weather continues to be absolutely perfect.  Today no bugs, no wind, full sun and about 75 or so.  Now there just is nothing better than that.
I have been somewhat better today but I continue to be so lonesome.  George M, who lives down the street, lost his wife 12 years ago at about the age of 53 or so.  He drove by today and stopped to talk a bit.  He said that the first year for him was so so difficult and the second was better but it takes a long time.  Now, 12 years later, he has a girl friend.  I was so excited for him.  It is funny as I have these intense feelings about things now that I never had before.  He said he did not know where it would end up but just the thought of him being able to enjoy a relationship now made my day.  The same is true, in a different sense, with a high school friend who lost her husband in February.  I have not seen this gal since graduation but when I heard she lost her husband I was so sad.  Now she is raising 2 teenagers and one of them is going through a difficult time and I just feel so badly about it and I have never met them.  Life and death does really affect a person.
I have been eating too much of the wrong things the last few days.  When I feel stressed out I eat.  Not good but that is the way it is.
Not much more to say.  I really should be sitting on the deck enjoying the back yard, the flowers and the weather but doing that alone just is not in my mind set yet.  Maybe if I poured some Baileys that would help but I really doubt it.
I think that is enough.

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