Friday, May 7, 2010

It doesn't hurt to wish!!!

Here are Gail and I during the fair of 2007.  Big smiles, sunny weather and the expectation that life is good and will go on for ever.  Well today was different.  Gail was not there, the weather was rainy and cold and as I parked cars I wondered to myself what God has in mind for me next.  I guess life is kind of like an unplanned vacation.  You never know when the next bend in the road will be in front of you.
I did come home cold.  I stood in the rain for 5 hours and my hands did not work when I left.  Gloves did not help as they just got wet right away.  The event was a plant sale.  They opened at 11:00 and started giving out numbers at 6:00.  When they opened the doors over 1200 numbers had been given.  I think people who came at opening had to stand in line for over 2 hours.  Not my kind of event.  Tomorrow will be a bit different.  It should be no rain and we may even see some sun in the afternoon.  I think I will be happy at 2:00 tomorrow.
I intend to boil the eggs and the potatoes for the salad tonight and then make it tomorrow afternoon.  I do not think I will have the energy to do it all tomorrow.  BUT I think I could do the boiling tomorrow and maybe make it after Travis and I go out for breakfast on Sunday.  Maybe that would work.  I do not know if it is better right away or a day later.  I know that Gail often thought in the second day it may tend to get a bit dry.  Joan give me the recipe, which I really appreciated, but no amounts.  It seems that to dice and slice and dump things in may be dangerous for a guy like me.  I will try and if there is a lot left over I will know it didn't turn out the best.
I have thought a lot about Gail today but with not many tears.  A year ago she was at this time still doing very well and feeling like she may be getting better.  Now a year later we are coming up on 8 months after her death.  I do feel like I am doing much better but right at this time it seems like I have almost too much on my plate and really it is not much at all.  Maybe I function a bit differently at 63 than I did at 53 or 43.
My brother Dave sent a picture from Jamestown ND where they live and it looks like January there
I am soliciting advice tonight.  I took a woodtic out of my leg and think I got it all but it left a sore spot.  I am wondering if I need to do anything.  I did put some onitiment on it.  I need my nurse!!!!
Enough for tonight.


Anonymous said...

Potato Salad is best the next day. Overnight in the frig gives it time for the flavors to blend. Put enough dressing on it so it doesn't dry out. Keep an eye on the tick spot to make sure it's healing. If you get any goofier than you already are head to the doc! No snow here!

Anonymous said...

No snow here in Moorhead either. North Dakota can have it...although I'm sure it's gone by now. Dryer and warmer weather would be nice now. Want to get out and mow the lawn.