Thursday, May 20, 2010

A year ago

Faustina is 2 today.  This picture was a year ago on her birthday.  It was the last birthday cake Gail was able to make. 
It was a busy day.  I spent a few hours visiting some friends who have a lake home.  They were having new windows put in the house.  Nice house, nice lake home and better people!!!  It was fun.
Was able to get home in time to have a short meeting, go to John/Marys for dinner and then bring a birthday hot chocolate to Faustina.  Did stop at Lizzia's for a short Also got the flowers watered some how too. 
As I was up at 5:00 I think it is time to turn in. 
Weather continues to be too warm for this time of the year but will not complain as it is beautiful. 
Cynthia finished putting the last of the flowers in so that is done.  I think the job is an A. 

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