Friday, May 28, 2010


Just a short note:
God's blessings are so evident this morning:
  • My grass seed is up
  • My kale is growing
  • The swiss chard looks good
  • radishes are about 1/2' tall
  • beets look good
  • the sod is taking and looks wonderful
  • the weather this morning is to die for (must be my age when I say that about the weather and not food)
  • I feel the cool morning breeze could push me to wonderful places where I could see things I never dreamed about and talk to people I never met and do things I would so enjoy
The only thing that would make things better is guess what??  Well it is not to be so thank you Lord for all you are to each of us.

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Allen said...

Carmen, You farm boys get such a kick out of your crops--Allen treats his like they are his babies--he just got three new tomato plants and he is so happy. Debbie