Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Should be tonight

Here was our fire when we camped with Henry and Liam in late October of 2007 but it should actually be tonight.  There is a brisk breeze, cool temps and it would be great to be sitting around the fire with a goodie on a stick to roast!!!
I spent the entire day working on camp.  Got several things out, more things printed and in all a very productive day. 
The weather is now more like early to mid April but for sure there had to be some pay back time for the super weather we had the last month.  Maybe some light snow Friday, ouch!!!
I do not have anything new for me or anything!!!  I continue on the path of keeping busy, looking ahead and being thankful for how good our God is.  As I was looking for this picture I had to go through many old ones and I skipped them as fast as I could as now is not a good time to look at things like that.  For some reason my emotions are so raw right now in terms of pictures, memories etc.  I think I could do better with things like that a month ago but now NOT.  My day was fairly positive, not very emotional and over all I would say maybe a B+. 
Had Men's group tonight, will have meditations at 6 tomorrow and then will go with John and the boys to do some 22 shooting after John is done with school so that should be fun.

I sent a note to my sister Joan for our mother's potato salad recipe so I may try to make that for Mother's Day.  I had sent a note to the kids saying I didn't want to do anything for that day but had a change of heart so will do something to honor Gail.  Can't really use the word celebrate at this time.
Enough for now.

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