Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

It was a busy day.  Up at 6:00 for a 7:00 meeting.  Left the meeting a bit early to get to the fair grounds by 9:00 for 4 hours of parking cars on the asphalt which is hard on my back.  The last event Gail worked was this event a year ago.  Many thoughts, many memories and many questions without many answers.  Then it was off to the wedding events.  The wedding events were nice and I sat with people I knew etc. but really to look into my heart would have been to look into an empty vase.  Not much there, not much beauty and not much life.  Of course this will pass, it will get better but for the moment it is real and it hurts.
I did arrive home before 8 and spent the rest of the evening not doing much.  Here I am at 9:30 and feeling that my physical energy is almost gone for the day and my emotion energy is way past empty so will see if rest helps.  As I have said so many times it is again time to think less, work more and live for the moment.
Tomorrow is another day with 4 more hours of parking and a meeting in the afternoon and then it will be to head into a week that actually looks not to busy.

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