Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here are Gail and I in Prince Edward Island.
I had a Dr. appt this morning.  I had a lump on my ankle and wanted to be sure it was nothing.  After taking a sample and looking at it the Dr. said it is a ganglion cyst and nothing serious.  I will leave it for now and in the future if it bothers me I will have it removed. 
I very cool but dry day.  I think the temp is in the 40's.  Really too cool to do much work or plant anything. 
Enjoyed having Cynthia and kids over for a bit this morning. 
I starting reading a book last night and it is certainly what I needed.  The only problem is I did not put it down until 2:30 or so and now I am tired.  It is "On Grief and Grieving" by Kobler-Ross and Kessler.  It is not a spiritual book but very very good on what happens inside a person as you lose someone you love.  It talks about the many things that happen but most people can't talk about or most can't hear them.  I am about 2/3 finished with it.
From Gail's book to John on Did I Tell you?
Did I tell you to be thoughtful.  Not to be a martyr or doormat to be trod upon, but to be aware of other people and their needs.  To meet others with awareness and within your own framework be able to meet them halfway and on occasion go the other half joyfully.
That was our Gail.

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