Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A house day

I got outside this morning to spray a bit of the weeds but then after that I spent about 6 hours of almost nonstop work in the house.  I had not really done any work towards betterment of the house in several weeks so it was good to get a little done.  I worked in the basement for much of that time.  I actually made much progress but it is not noticeable right now.  Then got up stairs, did some work in the den, cleaned up the kitchen and did some dusting and moping so the first floor looks OK now. 
Had a camp meeting tonight and all of us miss Gail at those meetings.  Tonight we kind of just sat around and did not get much done.  Things will get done as we have done it for so long but it will be a bit slow.
I have been in a much better frame of mind the last few days.  I am not sure what it is but I suspect that I have spent way too much time the last month thinking so keeping busy is still the best.  I think too,  that I have come to be more accepting of living alone and that makes things seem more natural.  Of course there still are many many times that I sit back and say, is this really true, am I alone and Gail in heaven?  At times like that I find myself almost reaching out to see if I can touch her. 
I do know that I have to stop saying to myself I wish she were here.  That is a sure thing to make me sad.
I have several things that will keep me busy for the rest of the week and I thought this week was going to be a slow one!!!!
No, it will be a shower and then bed.

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