Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's all about me!!!!!!

Forty-five years ago today I graduated from HS.  Dad took me to Fargo a few days earlier to get a suit.  It was the worst suit EVER.  I remember when we arrived at the school I got out of the car and my suit was so wrinkled I looked like a wreck that just happened.   Anyway here are some of the memories from years gone by.  One can certainly look and say wow, the 60's were a bit different than now.  Life travels so fast and goes so many places and takes so many turns that it actually is good once in a while to stop, reflect and take stock of who God is, how good he is and where we are in our daily walk.  Thinking back on my days at home, my grade school days and my high school days I have so much to be thankful for.  Our family was so so poor but I don't remember feeling badly about that, my dad never went to my games but somehow God shielded me from that disappointment, my mother was so faithful in her love and care of me and I know I did not show how appreciative I was---you get the picture.  I would say for sure, those were the good old days, would I go back and relive them?  No way would I do that which would cause me to erase all the happy memories I have over the last 45 years.  God has been too good, too generous to ever think I may want to start over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carm
Thanks again for picking us up at airport. Looking forward to this Sunday and being the family.

Allen said...

Your blog is so good, Carmen! You are a techno-whiz and the pictures are great. So is the writing. I can't wait to see your yard.

Anonymous said...

Pictures I have never seen, really great pictures! The one of you in football uniform reminds me of Ronald, some resemblance there.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I remember those days as well. You were the big jock and I was your dweebie little sister! Like that was fun! Dad didn't go but he did know what was going on and he was proud of you. He always did have a funny way of showing emotions but when you weren't around he always had bragging rights. Mom depended on you for dating advice for me. I was happy you graduated she didn't have a sounding board for the boys that asked me out. If we had been closer in age I never would have dated! I was proud of you too but I was a non entity. Great pictures, brought back memories.

Hurt Family Happenings said...

Oh my goodness! Carmen, you must have a treasure of photos. I recognize Connie favorite teacher. Don't remember the other guy. When you told me it was our 45th year since HS graduation, I was stunned. That makes us ancient! Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog; and, as someone else said, your writing is super!.

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