Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another first

I was so happy and blessed as John/Mary and kids, Travis and Cynthia/Mike and kids came to the prayer service at Lumen Christi last night. I have not ventured to church at Lumen Christi except for the 4:30 mass last week so I have not encountered people I know there. Well last night was a first and of course it is a bit difficult. It was OK but not easy. I will have another first this morning as John Z, Harold and Jerry come at 6 this morning for meditations. We have not gathered since before Gail died. This morning we will just talk, share and then decide on meditations for the future. Little by little, bit by bit these firsts are taking place with some time since September 14th and the streams of tears are becoming a trickle at times or perhaps a moist eye.
I did go to Bonnie's funeral yesterday. I did not feel up to staying for lunch so I left before that. One thing that makes losing a loved one somewhat tolerable is that people are so kind. Almost everyone gives hugs, kind words and so many assurances of support and company. I would say that I have almost (not quite) too much support. It is unbelievable how many people invite me over, ask if I can go out for lunch etc. This may sound strange but sometimes I just marvel that people are so kind and genuine in their support and love. I do hope my surprise about that does not say anything about me.
I had a surprise yesterday. I needed something and went to the 3 drawer file we have upstairs. As I opened it I could not believe everything in it!!!! Of course I had opened it many times before but I had not the mind set of going through that too. The file was our second piece of furniture we purchased and as I somewhat laughingly fingered through it last night I asked myself if everything we filed in the late 60's and early 70's is still there?? In the receipt file was the papers from our tiller which we paid $250 for in 1973. I do believe the warranty has expired but it still works! Also noticed the papers from our 1971 World Book Encyclopedia set and well you get the drift! I would ask who else in this world has a 3 drawer file. A 2 or a 4 but a three!!!!! It might say a lot about Gail and I.
Lastly I begin to look at more advanced digital cameras Monday. I have always enjoyed picture taking and I have a Canon SLR EOS 630 and of course have not used it for a long time. But I have 3 very nice and expensive lenses for it. I found out that my lenses would fit on a new digital Canon but the catch of course is at this time they are not giving them away. I decided against pulling a Petters or Mardoff things so may have to wait a bit.
It is almost time for the guys to come.

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kbornhoft said...

Hey Carmen,

We have 2 2-drawer filing cabinets and one 3-drawer!