Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

It was a day to be remembered. Rolls and coffee at Travis' at 8:15, a visit to Mother's grave at 9:15, the turkey went in at 10:00, plates were put out for 19 people at 1:30 and we wrapped things up by 9:00 PM. The food was good, the people were great and I was lonely much of the day. I just could not help it. I would think this is the first Thanksgiving in 44 years that I have not been with Gail. The kids were great, the grandchildren were super and everyone did so well but my stomach had that hallow feeling most of the day and those darn emotions were near the surface much of the time. Finally at about 4:00 I needed some space and peace so went for a walk by myself for about 40 minutes. Did it help? I think it did.
It was a good day but I am exhausted and I am happy it is over. I think the emotional energy used was much more than the physical energy but there was much work to do too. Of course I am new to this hosting alone but with so much help it was successful.
Tomorrow will bring new challenges I am sure and it is now a journey to Christmas, to Gail's birthday December 30 and then on into 2010. At this very moment it seems like a journey that I would like to hurry along but we know that we can't alter time so I will try to embrace the moment at any given time.
It is fun to have A/A/L here but they will move to Amy's parents tomorrow. That Leo could easily steal anyone's heart!
I will try to get to bed early tonight. When I say that I usually am not successful but being the eternal optimist I will try again.

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