Sunday, November 8, 2009

Few deer and many thoughts

This picture is one of the reasons I enjoy hunting deer. This is of the Binde farm at 6:45 AM on Saturday.
The time away was a little bit of several things. I had a nice time with Grandma Saunders on Friday noon. I arrived in Fargo about 11 AM and left about 1:00. Grandma does very well for someone who is 88 and can see almost nothing.
I arrived at the Binde farm mid Friday afternoon. I walked around their land for about an hour and the soil was wet wet wet. It was almost impossible to walk in the fields, most of which are not harvested yet. John arrived before dark so we kind of put together a plan for Saturday morning. We saw several deer on Saturday but no shots. John left after dinner and I hunted again this morning until it started to rain. I got one shot off at about 225 yards and at that distance my shooting skills leave a lot to be desired. I missed!!! The deer walked almost in the spot that John had been sitting Saturday AM so it certainly is a story of being in the right place at the right time. End of my deer quest for 2009.
Actually, my mind was marginally on deer hunting. It was difficult to be at the Bindes without Gail, it was difficult to be with Grandma without Gail, it just was plain difficult to be without Gail for the time away. When I returned home I realized that for now I am the most comfortable close to where Gail and I spent most of our time. It actually is kind of strange that a table, a buffet, a book case or any thing like that can give one comfort. It is comforting to be near things in the house that make me feel closer to Gail. Of course this will change with time but NOW I like to be home. There were times in the field that my mind just went too far on too many things. John and I spent about 9 hours sitting on Saturday. Other than looking for deer there is nothing to do besides think and think I did. My mind went the extreme from what to do in the house to old high school days to dreams unmet to the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. In one sense the rain that halted my hunting was kind of welcome. That meant that I could jump in the truck and head home where at this time I feel safe, welcome, comfortable and I can focus on things to do.
I did get 2 e-mails when I was gone concerning the sewing machine so I do hope I am able to sell it soon. I don't have to but it would be nice. I have never sold anything on Craig's List so I really do not know what to expect.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carm
Beautiful picture!!! I'm sorry you didn't get your deer. The conditions are better than last year. It was snowing and cold. This year warmer and wet. Continue to enjoy your blog and read it daily. Mary