Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It was meant to be!!!

Here is proof that it was meant to be. Gail is in the 6Th grade and I was in the 5Th grade for this classroom picture. My dad took the picture and I made sure he let me stand right behind Gail. Well that is a little from the truth but there we were waiting to get older so we could get married and live the rest of our lives together! Well the real truth is we did not date until Gail was a senior in high school but isn't Gail a cutie.
I actually have some success in my life. I want to get off those stupid blood pressure pills and cholesterol pills and have taken them for a month without missing. That is a milestone as I usually forgot to take them unless Gail put them in front of me. If my blood work looks good maybe I can reduce or get rid of some of them. I also have taken Wallace on a morning walk for 3 straight days. That may not sound like much but for me that is a great start.
I continue to work with pictures but funny thing as I have done that the dishes do not wash themselves. I think they used to, I do not know what happened. Whatever it is as I look in the kitchen I had better get in there and work for a couple of hours.
That is what Henry said when he was about 3 years old and grandpa came over to fix the crib. He ran up and down and all around giving grandpa ideas on how to fix it. Well I have an idea for our camp director's meeting. We meet every year after camp to talk, discuss and evaluate the August camp. Well this year we did not meet as we knew it would only result in tears so now we are ready, I think. We have done many different things from going to a nice restaurant to someone making us a nice meal. Well my idea is that I am going to try and make the meal and serve it at my house. I am not sure I can pull it off but I think I will try. Let me see we need meat, veggies, dessert, salad, appetizers, drinks and well I had better write this down and see if it is doable.
I find myself getting impatience. I know that it is only 8+ weeks since Gail passed away but I am so darn lonesome and empty. I know people say a year or more but I am wondering if one becomes less lonesome each week or each month or each whatever. I actually have fewer tears now than some weeks ago and maybe that is a start. I do know that it is much much better when I am very busy and do not have much time to think. I am wondering what would happen to me if I tried not to think for the next year??
I have been able to expand my prayer times from 10+ minutes to about 20+ or so. My mind is so distracted that more than that and I am off in another land or some place. I have been spending short times throughout the day but my goal is to spend again one time for an hour or so. That is not to say that the Lord only gets one hour. I really feel close to him all the time and I do rely on his input all day.
Here I am in the middle of the day blogging, I need to get to work.

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