Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weekend without Gail

I am not sure what year this picture was taken. I looks like Gail and John are about the same height which means it was about 1982 or so.
It was a busy weekend. It started out with the breakfast meeting here. I worked in the yard all afternoon until dark, went to Jerry Wind's for a bite to eat and a movie, had most of the kids over this morning for left over egg dishes, spent some time watching the Viking game with Travis, Lizzia and Betina and then went to a meeting this afternoon. Also got in my 10,000 daily steps both days. Our health insurance requires a person to engage in some kind of exercise program each year in order to keep those co-pays down to $20. Gail and I had done the counting steps program the last 2 years so I decided to do the same for 2010. I will try to be serious and lose some weight as I count my steps each day. I made a point to go on walks Saturday and Sunday to get the 10,000 steps in. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by April 1.
During our afternoon meeting today part of it was a time for people to give thanks for things over this last year. I wanted to say that I am thankful for 41 years with Gail but the tears came too soon and too much for me to say anything. I felt like a fool but I had to leave the meeting for a time to compose myself. I know that tears are fine and normal but it is no fun.
The weekend was bitter sweet. The activities were OK and went well but it kind of showed me that I am not a we but an I and life does and will go on. I now will go places without Gail, I work without Gail, and "WE" has turned into an "I" God has shown in his wisdom that life will be OK. I know that maybe I will say a thousand times and more how lonesome I am and how much I miss Gail but each day will include baby steps towards a new life, a new individualism and perhaps new dreams at some time.
I cleared off the tramp so that Henry and Liam would jump on it today. While we were playing on it I remembered how Gail had tried jumping on it in mid summer as she had read that cancer could not live in oxygen and we know that she did anything and all things she could to defeat the ugly C. In the end we know she won while losing her life. The idea behind cleaning the tramp was I must put some guidelines on the cartoons on TV. I think I will have to get the timer that Gail used so much and when the cartoons come on the timer starts for 30 minutes or so. John and Mary may have some ideas on that.
I have not taken the time to read the Sunday paper yet so will do that now. I do have a 7:30 breakfast tomorrow so better try to get some sleep.

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