Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another of many firsts in the world of "I"

This picture was taken in Cottage Grove in the summer of 1981. Travis had just won the most skilled player in his age group in the tournament. It looks like that summer the bowl hair cuts were in!!! We still have that soccer ball.
I planned on a "first" today and carried through with it. Mother and I started walking last October. We would often walk with Wallace to John/Marys or to Cynthia/Mikes. When it got too icy or cold outside we purchased a membership in the St. Paul Recreation Center Program which cost a grand total of $25 for a year. With that a person could walk on the track or use the exercise room. Our daily schedule was to walk for an hour around the track which would put us at 3 miles. Then we would use the exercise room for a short time and then use the library for about 30 minutes. It was the first time in our whole married life that we had done something for our health like that and we did it all of October, November, December and into January. It was then that we discovered the lump on Gail's sternum that turned out to be cancer. I did the recreation center thing for the first time today. As I walked around there were many memories and thoughts. I got through it with not too many tears and next time it will be easier I think!!
I purchased some Christmas decorations for the outside of the house today and also finished ALL my Christmas shopping, which was not much so DONE. Last year at this time Gail was sewing PJ's for the grandsons with her new sewing machine and saying how wonderful the sewing machine was and she did not deserve it and I should not have purchased it for her. Well now Gail is in heaven, the machine is sold and the PJ's may be too small for the boys!! Time Marches on and life changes with each day. I have started to have the TV on Christmas music now that Thanksgiving is behind us. For the first time today I thought about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without Gail---I guess I am not ready to think much about it. I had thought about the holidays in general but not really about the day.
Well as I prepare to do some work tonight I will think about the world of "I" and how the world of "we" is no more. Lord you know better than anyone what will happen in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, please grant me grace, patience and wisdom as life continues to change.

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Thank you for sharing those icons! We had a nice visit to Jamestown yesterday and today.