Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not fair

It was not fair. Gail wore a cute little head band most of the time and I just thought she was the worlds most beautiful and magical girl. It seemed to be all in that little head band. I just could not resist carrying her books or carrying her horn to the bus. Even in those days there may have been the short little skirt or those beautiful legs (you get my drift) but to me it was those cute head bands that sent me almost into handstands. Of course in those days you did NOT hold hands or anything like that in school.
In this picture she is a senior in high school. She actually was as sweet and innocent as she looks.
Today was not very productive. I did nothing with pictures or anything else. I did have a surprise visit from Geoffrey Bornhoft which was great. He is taking classes at St. Kates. He is such an outstanding young man. Our world needs more of him.
I think I was not able to get anything done as it just was a sad day. Not sad in the way of poor me but rather sad in that I think time brings about more of the realization that Gail is gone for ever. I know it and have of course known it for many weeks but I guess one has to actually live it for it to be really real. As I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning I said to myself, "I wish I would have hugged her more" I remembered how often when I would give her a hug she would give me that extra little squeeze that would silently say you are special to me and I will never let you go. I wondered if I gave her enough hugs those last few months.
I think I had better get to bed as I need to be at Cynthia/Mikes tomorrow at 5:30 AM as little Jude is scheduled to have surgery at 7 in the morning. He needs something fixed on his kidney. Let's all pray that God's hand is guiding the Dr and all goes well. It seems that things should be OK but prayers always are needed.

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