Friday, November 20, 2009

So ALL Gail

Tonight I need to put together 2 egg dishes and make some muffins for our 7:30 breakfast meeting at my house in the morning but I just had to put this picture out.
It is ALL Gail. As I was going through some things in the garage yesterday I came across this on a shelf. That is how Gail packed our window scrapper and little dust pan for our 7 week camping trip in the fall of 07. All neat in a zip lock bag and I know she kept it in the bag for when we would use it again. I promised myself I would keep it like that and I will use it again.
Liam had lunch with me today. His menu was pepperoni pizza with milk. He suggested I make the pizza but I told him I did not have time. After that it was cartoons and a movie. Mary, Audrey and Henry then came over for about 2 hours. Liam asked if he would be coming again as he did not have grandpa all to himself!!

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