Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gail in her glory

Taken in the summer of 1977. Gail loved outdoors, she loved her family and she could have worked in the garden all day so there you see her in her glory. It is easy to see that everyone is happy.
I had a few triggers times today. As I drove past St. Thomas I could not help but remember the summer of 1968 when we were first married and going to summer school in Minot. It was a summer of being just the two of us and the things we took pleasure in were so new, so fresh and so silly at times. I remember walking in the rain and loving it, I remember seeing who could get home first to hide from the other, I tried to cut Gail's hair and in the middle we had to call a beauty shop and we could not stop laughing and of course there were things I would not share on this blog but all were so much a part of our new life together. It seemed like we had waited so long to be married and finally we were one in so many ways. If I remember correctly we got about $150 for our wedding and that seemed like so much money to be able to spend on home things. Some things we were able to purchase were a card table, a tape recorder, silverware and dishes. Anyway that was one trigger! I still get misty every time I am with grandchildren. I was with Faustina and Jude as well as dinner with John/Mary and family. I love the grand kids so much but I miss Gail so much when I am with them.
Actually I think for the first time today in the last several months I had a small glimmer of spark when I thought about house projects. I have been sorting, cleaning, recycling etc. but I am talking about projects to make the house nicer. I need to rehab the bathroom upstairs and I actually got a bit excited when I looked at new toilets in the store. I would say on a scale of 1-10 I was excited about .5 so that is a start. One thought I had was when Gail and I would talk about doing something we would sometimes have different ideas. I know there were times I thought to myself if I could just go ahead and do it things would be so easy!! Now I CAN go ahead and do it and it is no fun. How life has a way of coming back to bite a person in the wrong way and wrong place!!!
I am going to pick Liam up from pre-school tomorrow and we will have lunch together and then he wants to watch some cartoons so that should be fun. I had better get some sleep.

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