Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We'll miss our #1 cook

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I THINK all is ready. If we have forgotten something so be it. I decided to forgo lefse this holiday but I want to do it for Christmas and in the future. I passed a small test today!! I met our insurance agent in the bakery and he was sitting with some friends. We had this nice casual conversation, I was able to mention Gail and the mood was light. Now the truth is when I got to my car and started to drive away my eyes were very wet but in the bakery things were fine. I know that tears are not bad but it is nice when I can relate in a social situation without them.
Our schedule for tomorrow is coffee and rolls at Travis' at 8:00 and then we all will drive to Gail's grave site for a short time. We just have to include Gail in on the holiday. After that it will be goodies at 11:30 and turkey at my place at 1:00. We will have a good time and during the many times we remember Gail it will be with gratitude and love. I do know that we will miss her so so so much but I also know that God has given us so much to be thankful for and we will try to focus on those things. I will keep tissue handy and hope that I do not need them too often.

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