Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new prespective

Pictured on the left is my sister Janet with her husband John and their daughter Ester. It was taken in 1963 and Janet died at the age of 27 in February of 1966. Pictured on the right is my oldest brother Lawrence (Ronald or Red) in the middle. My brother Dave is on the right and you got it, me on the left. Ronald died in October of 1964 at the age of 27. As I was looking through pictures last night I found these and the thought went through my mind that John only had Janet for a few short years and Glorine (Ronald's wife) only had Ronald for a very short time too. How blessed I was to have enjoyed 41+ years with Gail. Does it make the hurt less? Actually no but the mind is a powerful thing and it helps in thinking about all the blessings I experienced during those years. Thank you Lord for ALL you have given me and for the blessing of family. I am so happy as we have been able to stay in touch with John and Glorine all these years and count them as family.
I received a very nice e-mail from someone yesterday. She said she e-mailed me rather than comment on the blog. My e-mail is carjlee@gmail.com in case anyone wants to let me know how cute I was as a 4 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, time changes many things.

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Connie said...

I want to say it for all the readers to see - CARMEN, YOU WERE DARN CUTE AT THE AGE OF 4!!

Thanks for sharing your life with us. We are blessed to have you for a friend and brother for at least 30 years!!