Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Another picture of Gail and her Buster. I wonder if Buster is in heaven and Gail just jumps on him and rides in the wind everyday.
Nine weeks ago today on a Friday(Sept 18) we were preparing for Gail's funeral. In my memory forever will be details of the day. Some of the ones that are most vivid are the wonderful sharings at the lunch, the cars (about 75) with lights on winding around out to the cemetery, how proud I was of Gail as so many people shared how much they loved Gail and how special she was, the finality of the moment when they closed the casket and the list could go on.
I often use the term "plastic person" and by that there are many times when someone puts on a smile for show or does a laugh just for you ETC. Well as I have been thinking so much about Gail I came to realize that one of the special things about Gail was she was NEVER plastic. What you saw and what you heard was REAL, it was the real Gail whether you liked it or believed it or agreed or disagreed it made no difference because there was nothing plastic about anything she did. I think she got that from her dad. In the end to be real is to be respected and loved by many.
I am going to do some more sorting, cleaning etc. today as Thanksgiving with each passing day comes closer.

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