Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is hard to believe

Cynthia sent a quart of green smoothie home with me this morning. So what did I do, when I arrived home from Sam's Club this afternoon I had a choice of a tall glass of green stuff or a nice cold beer. You are wrong, I had the green smoothie!!! Not only that but when I stopped in the store to get some things for hunting I bought a can of steel cut oatmeal. I am sure that radical move was prompted from above. I will not put raisins in it but I will have it for breakfast tomorrow. All of that just goes to show that miracles still do happen in my life.
I had a nice breakfast with Jim c this morning. I then got a call from a person who needed a ride to the dr. I went over to get her right away but there was nobody home so I am not sure what happened with that. I then met Travis and we looked at tires for his car and now I must get busy and pack for tomorrow.
I did put about 9 more sacks for the recycle and several boxes in the garage. Travis said he would come over Monday AM and put it out for me. The number of cards Gail got from the fall of 03 to this fall is overwhelming. She kept each one and I know it was her intent to thank each person. Oh my but Gail's desire to relate and thank people was too too too much for her energy. I have found envelopes stamped and addressed to people and of course her intent was to write a thank you. Some of them had 37 cent stamps on them so it was a long time ago. I just know that her heart was too big for her mind. There are just so few people who have the kindness that Gail had.
I will be leaving about 6 AM tomorrow and IF I am lucky enough to get a deer on Saturday I will be home on Sunday. IF that is not the case I will be home sometime early in the week so my blogging will wait until I return.
The weather has been so so so so so nice today. These nice fall days makes my heart ache for Gail's presence. Perhaps next fall will be different. Today I was picturing the times in the fall when Henry and Liam were here and we were raking leaves. Gail was in her glory with the boys working, playing and having so much fun. I wonder if she gets to rake leaves this fall??

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