Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A 1978 family reunion

How about those great looking people.  Much hair, slim and trim, clothes of the 70's and everyone in our beloved Cayuga Hall where many many events took place including our wedding dance 10 years before this picture was taken.  Deb Saunders would beholding John and the Binde's had Dawn and Dorothy and then there were the 4 oldest grandchildren: John, Lisa, Travis and Aaron.  The Cayuga Hall was truly a community place.  That was where basketball happened, roller skating happened, wedding dances took place, Memorial Day lunches happened and EVERYTHING of importance happened.
I am tempted to say the good old days but if I said that it would belittle how wonderful God is and has been to all of us so I will not say that.
I have been thinking much about God's grace.  What God does and how he does it is wonderful.  As I think back on Gail's last weeks I realize more than ever what God did and how he did it.  How he ushered her into his kingdom was so beautiful and grace filled.  The transition from here to eternal life for Gail was one uninterupted journey.  I know there was physical pain but all of the prayers were honored to the point that Gail was with us at times and at times she was with God right here in the house.   Because of the way God took care of his daughter there is no way I can question or even wish that things would be different.  Of course I wish Gail were by my side now but really in God's perfect plan and the way he so lovingly took care of Gail I have to rejoice.  Now of course the hard part for me is who am I, what should I do, how can I live without the love of my life and all those things are earthly questions for me to ponder and answer.  I do know that God will give me the answers through family, through friends and through his word but the question is not will he but when.  I think I read someplace that it is good to be patient, I should try that starting right now.
Today will be a bit busy.  Meditations, breakfast, lunch and then men's group all did or will happen so I need to move!!!

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Carmen, Here is just a bit more history for you. Grandma and Grandpa Lee were married on Feb. 3, 1909. Grandma and Grandpa "Sampson were married on Feb. 2, 1893. Also Crystal and Candice birthday. Joan