Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A very guiet day

No picture today, not much work done today, a very quiet, slow and peaceful day.
We had meditations this morning and then Jerry W and I went out for breakfast.  I did make a trip to the refuse with an old appliance.  I have been spending much time just praying and thinking.  I think I am at a place now where I can "think" and it is not so so difficult.  I may as well say it, of course when I sit my thoughts often drift to Gail and what if she were here.  I guess that will happen, perhaps for ever I really don't know.  I found myself looking at the months and seeing when the average temp gets a bit warmer!  I can tell you that our average high is not above freezing until late February.  I thought it would be before that.
Tax forms have been coming in and I got to thinking I suppose that for 2010 I will have to pay more taxes as a single.  I will have to check that out.
Actually I did do something yesterday.  Gail and I had a safety deposit box for several years but we really did not use it for much so I canceled that in December and yesterday I purchased something that should be fireproof and safe to keep important papers in.  I had thought about that for some time but just had not done it. 
I need to do something a bit different with the grandkids.  I do not see them a whole lot.  I would say that I have seen Henry and Liam maybe 2 or 3 times this year.  I think I enjoyed them almost as much as Grandma but she was the one to make things happen with them.  I can't do what she did but I need to do something better than I have been doing.
Time to get some things done.

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