Friday, January 8, 2010

Having a blast

This picture was taken in the late winter, early spring of 1982.  Several times the Saunders would gather for a great weekend of fun when Grandma and Grandpa returned from California.  Even though Travis has his eyes closed this is a great picture of everyone.  At family gatherings Gail often would leave this kind of fun to others as she tirelessly would work in the background getting food or just serving others.  Because of her servant's heart it was so easy to forget how much she loved to play, goof around and just have a lot of fun.  I have to believe that God, in his wisdom,blessed Gail with much fun as she serviced others.  She was always doing something for others.
As I was doing things around the house yesterday I sat down for a short time and suddenly it dawned on me that I had done NOTHING to get ready for leaving today.  No gift, no packing, no clothes washing, no card and you name it no nothing.  I realized that I had better get on the ball as there is no GAIL to share the "getting ready" as we always did certain things in getting ready to go.  So this morning I had better get on the ball and do things.  Actually the only thing I am a bit concerned about is that I have a shirt!  I better check as if I don't that is not good.  To wash it, iron it in this time I may be over matched.  I HOPE.
Mike, Faustina, Jude and Jerry W came over to watch some of the football last night.  Parts of the game were OK but Texas was a bit over matched without their star player.
I got a hair cut yesterday as my neck was beginning to look like a wheat field that started to grow.  The older lady who cut my hair said in 07 she lost her husband on Christmas Day.  She said it has been so difficult around Christmas now.  I told her I would pray for her as that would be so hard.
No, I had better see what I need to do in the next couple of hours.  I need to be on the road by noon.  I will return sometime on Sunday.  Gail is wondering what she did wrong.  Weddings were not my favorite thing to go to and here it is the second wedding I am going to since she died.  Not only that but to travel 400 miles to this one I am sure Gail is shaking her head---If they do that in heaven.  Maybe she has no questions but she is just so glad that I have changed!!!!
Have a great weekend and stay warm

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