Monday, January 18, 2010

A sad day

Here Gail is enjoying pancakes with Prince Edward Island blue berries.  She LOVED blueberries!
Today is a sad day because I heard that Fr John Oderman died in North Dakota.  He worked with us in Catholic Education at the school in ND and he was a wonderful man.  Gail and I never forgot one of our talks with him.  I think John was about 5 or so and he was giving us fits to say it mildly.  As we talked to Fr John he said that all little boys had a wild pony in them that needed to be tamed.  For some reason that was just what we needed to hear.  I am sure Gail was so excited on Saturday as she met Fr John again in heaven. 
I actually got some work done today.  I took all morning to take down the 18,000 piece puzzle.  I did not take it apart but rather I kept the pieces together and the colors we had separated in zip lock bags and then the parts that were finished I put them together on several boards and put wrap around them.  I need the space  as I intend to get the new electrical panel in sometime in spring as the old one is surely a safety issue.
I also purchased a red plastic container and some bubble wrap to put away about 30 glass Christmas things.  In addition to those things I did get a bit more ice off the walk in front. 
Your prayers were answered.  Tony, who was here last weekend and went home with a lung problem called me this evening and said that the dr does not think he will need surgery and he hopes to go home tomorrow. As of this afternoon the lung was once again working.   That is good news.
I spent some time going through the book that Mary made for Cynthia for Christmas, it certainly gets those darn tears flowing.  I can not have the book laying around much as that picture on the front is tooo much for me.  I do not think I fully realized how much mischief those eyes showed when Gail got that goofy goofy grin on and looked out of the corner of her eyes as if you had better beware!!!
Two weeks from today we will be into February, look out new decade here we come!  You had better get some things done before Christmas arrives !!

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