Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aren't we all super stars??

This picture was taken in Devils Lake ND in 1977 when John was 7, Travis 5 and Aaron 3.  The city put on a field day where kids did different things.  As you can see they all 3 came home as super stars and of course have remained that way ever since!!  Of course at the time we had no idea that we had future state champion soccer stars, great bike racers, super basketball players and all around wonderful kids in our family.  They certainly took after their mother big time, even with their handsome looks.
Yesterday was quiet again.  I did remove the Christmas things including the tree.  I think next year I will be able to keep it up longer, like Gail and I did.  I think I will be able to do a better job of trimming it also.  I think I will try to stay low key this month.  Maybe I will like it so much I will turn into that hermit with a pony tail and dirty bib overalls.  On the serious side I have decided that I will make at least one fancy crib to sell this year.  Carmen's Creative Carpentery will be up and running when it becomes a bit warmer.  I don't know how warm it will have to get but right now it is +3 and that is way way too cold to work in the garage.  I can turn the electric heater on but that warms it up just a bit and it raises the electrical bill a LOT.
I also will be doing small things around the house this winter.  Yesterday I went through a box.  I found the Christmas letter we sent out in 1973.  It was printed in a little book kind of thing that was about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long.  It had a page for each person and it was run off at school on the ditto machine which most people do not even remember.  Here are the words in the card of 1973.
The front was in red and green and said Joy Joy Joy
I hope I never again do see
A year as busy as 73
My fate was easily to be seen
Not even about to putt on a green
Summer came and with winter gone
I was driving cement truck and landscaping lawn
Piles, mounds and heaps of dirt
Kept the sweat soaking my shirt
You'd know better what I'm trying to say
If we'd had the pleasure of your visit to pay
The work was slow but progress was seen
We finally finished on Halloween
In school I'm getting an introduction
To individualized instruction
It's a federal project just started this year.
We hope to complete it without a tear

It's a big job keeping my four men happy
I'm always hopping to a tune real snappy
Whatever it is, I don't mind a bit
I'm queen of the house and that is it
Homemade buns and other goodies
Are one part of my household duties
When time permits I try to get in
A little sewing and even some knittin
I'm up to my neck in many a project
It won't be long and I'll be Carmen's reject
If I don't hurry to complete one soon
Oh well, maybe next June.

I'm the big brother
I'm John Allen Lee
I help Travis and Aaron
so good boys they'll be
I'm four years old now
And have quite a ball
On my black figure skates
I seldom do fall
I like conversation
and talk really fine
So stop by my house
And visit any time.

My name is Travis
And I just turned two
I'm growing up
And most things are new
Most of the time
I'm on the go
And many a day
I'm quite a show
I'm learning to talk
I can open the door
So I'm hoping to see you
In 74

I am the latest
And surely no toy
I'm Aaron Charles Lee
A big baby boy
On August the twelfth
I came to this world
Expected to be
A cute baby girl
I'm a very good baby
I smile and coo
I'm really no trouble
Come and see me too.

With all of the referring to come and visit it sounds like we never had company.

There you have our Merry Christmas 1973!!!  Have a good January 5, 2010!

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