Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The apple does not fall far from the tree

Here is a letter that Gail's dad wrote to her.  I do not need to explain anything, it is all there!!
I found the hospital bill for the time Gail broke her leg when her dad backed the truck over her.  Here are the list of expenses: (keep in mind that these supplies were for 22 days!!!)
22 days in the hospital @ $5 per day         $110.00
Op room services and supplies                      $2.00
Anesthetic                                                           -0-
Lab services                                                   $5.25
Medicines                                                        $2.80
Treatments                                                      $1.00
X-rays                                                             $20.00
Special nurses board  0
oxygen                0
Cast                                                                $15.00
      Total                                                   $158.55
The bill was received and paid 11/20/1951
It does look like our health care has changed a bit.  Gail was almost 6 at the time and her leg healed fine.  In fact a short time before she died we were debating which leg was broken and we were not sure.
I went through a box yesterday that I had not gone through before.  Some interesting pictures and papers.  In it was Gail's health record book.  It is interesting and funny.  More later!

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Anonymous said...


What a wonderful letter from your Father-In-Law. I'm sure you would write the very same thing about your family. Well, in fact you have been doing that with this blog. You have received many graces as well.

David Limberg