Friday, January 15, 2010

Midway point of January

This picture was taken in Prince Edward Island on our 2007 vacation.  For some reason it has always been one of my favorites.  I am not sure what you feel like when you see it and I can't explain what I feel like but I would say that looks like me today!!!
Anthony Dal Pra got here last night and will be here until Sunday.  He and his sister came up from Rockford.  It is good to have company for a few days.  He has no agenda so it is just hang out, read, talk etc.
I did work some on slides today.  I would like to get about 1500 in order and then put them into the computer so I can keep them and use them.  If  I could get that done this winter that would be a big job done.  We will see.  Going through them there are so so many memories.  That is fun, good, sad and difficult all rolled into one.  I have come to realize that we did like to take pictures.
Travis was here for dinner and then we talked a bit before he left.  I said and he agreed that so often when I think of Gail gone it just does not seem real.  I just think of all the things we did, all the plans we had, all the dreams we had and then I look up on the mantel at her smiling face and I say it just can not be true.  However it is we know and I do know that it is time to start to live my life as it should be lived.  Well I think I have been doing that but I mean to live as if there are more dreams to dream, more plans to make and more things to do.
I have not had a lot of energy in the last few weeks.  I have been sleeping until 7:30 or 7:45 at times.  It seems that motivation is somewhat hard to come by.  I really could not tell you what I have done this month.  It seems that I have been busy but I am not sure I did much.  At times I ask myself if I should take some kind of trip and then in the next breath I say it sure is nice to be at home and not be planning anything---what is that all about??  I do know that I need to be real careful not to feel sorry for myself.  I can say well my sister Joan and Ron are older than me and they are still married, my brother Dave and Marlys are older and they are still married and so on.  Of course I don't dwell on those things but it is a challenge at times to not go there.  It is also tempting at times to not go someplace because it is just me.  I have done pretty well with going places like weddings, funerals and events like that but it would be so easy to just stay home much of the time. 
Well tomorrow will be a new day and we shall see what comes my way.  I hope I can see what needs to be seen, go when I need to go and do what needs to be done.

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