Sunday, January 31, 2010

Early call

Here is John being the cab driver for Travis.  This was taken in the early summer of 1973.  I can see that the driveway is still gravel and in August of that year, the day before Aaron was born, we poured the driveway.
It was a very early call this morning.  At 5:45 AM there were footsteps in  my bedroom.  I went downstairs to turn cartoons on for Henry and then got 45 more minutes of sleep before Henry and I went to 7:00 AM church.
After church it was sausage/eggs and Star Wars movie and then John/Mary came over for a short time for Kona coffee.
I had an interesting dream last night.  Never before had I dreamed this but in my dream Gail was healed.  In my dream I had goose bumps as we were running around the house rejoiceing that Gail was healed.  THEN I woke up to reality and that was the end.
Not much to say this morning.  I am not real happy with Sunday mornings.  They do seem more empty than other days of the week.  On the not too good memory side one Sunday Gail was so upset with me she walked home from church and on the other side of memories some of the best are when we would have coffee and rolls and the kids would come over and just sit around and talk.  A person has to take the not so good with the good I guess.  It is kind of funny but I do need to remember some of those negative times and as I recall them they are not as negative as they were when they happened.  I guess to summarize it many many things are now looked at in a different light after I lost Gail.  Things that kind of were important now seem to be less important and many things that were not so important are now really important.  A small example is holding hands with Gail.  She loved to hold hands and for me it was not such a big deal but now as I look back at many of those times holding hands was a wonderful thing to do and those times I cherish much now. 
Tomorrow will have a camp flavor.  I will meet with the Boy Scouts in the morning and then there is a camp meeting at my place in the evening.  For the week there will be several meetings but the kind of meetings I will go to will be fine.  As I look at the week there will be at least 6 meetings Monday-Thursday.  Those old school meetings, I miss them NOT.

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