Sunday, January 24, 2010


Here is Gail carrying John.  She would have been 7 months along.  She always loved everything about babies.  She loved carrying them, she loved caring for them and she even loved washing diapers!!  I am not sure why but we do not have a lot of pictures when Gail was carrying any of the children.  As I look at old pictures from 65-75 I am beginning to believe the only clothes I had were NDSU shirts.
I worked in my bedroom some of Saturday.  I am close to having it all cleaned out and things that need to be gone are mostly gone.  I think I went through the last box of cards in the room.  They were all from 1974 when Gail almost died in the Fargo hospital.  I wanted to get the room cleared out but of course it is so void of Gail now.  I have some things on the dressers but her dresser is empty now and all of her clothes are gone.  It will take me time to get that feeling that it is the norm now.  I know it sounds strange but I still often say I can not believe that she is gone physically from this earth.  I saved 2 cards that I came across yesterday.  One was a Christmas card to me in 1968 and she put a note in it saying our first Christmas together was the best ever.  The second was a Valentine Card that said that same thing.  Talking about Valentine's Day it will be empty this year.  We never gave each other big gifts or anything but I remember about 5 years ago I sent her a Valentine Card everyday for 2 weeks before the 14th.  That was fun and when she figured out what I was doing she would wait for the mail.
I will start to look at monuments for Gail's grave site soon.  Something I am not looking forward to.  It will be good to have something on the grave site as it is so so nothing there now.  I am thinking that it would be really nice to get one that a person can sit on but I do not know if those will be too expensive, I hope not.  I would like to have a monument in place by early summer.  
At 6:00 AM this morning it was 33 so it must not have grozen last night.  I do wish it would have been colder yesterday as we would have gotten a lot of snow but as it is we lost some with rain all day.  Right now it is dirty and not pretty out so we do need some white cover.
When I was food shopping yesterday I picked up a "Cook" magazine that has stew and soup things in it.  Some of them look very good.  I will have to try something different in the weeks ahead. 
The coming week is the last in January, hard to believe.  My schedule looks very light which will be good.  Not anything going on that is busy so maybe I can get out in the garage and clean a bit.  Also want to continue to clean things out in the house.  I really should make one visit to a monument place and at least start that process.  Also will make a trip out to the hazardous waste place.  I put about 50 containers of old paint etc in the truck.  Some of that was left over from when we moved in!!  I will also get several things out to the recycle tomorrow so like a snail there I go making little ity bity steps on the road to who knows where?
No I just heard my coffee pot gulp which means it is ready for me to drink.  Will spend some time reading the paper and drinking coffee, what a life I have!!!!

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Amy Root said...

Your 'Cook' magazine reminded me of a story. One year for Lent, we had soup or stew every evening meal except Sundays. As a kid, I thought it would be impossible to bear, but our family enjoyed the experience. We actually talked about extending the soup supper, because we had so many recipes that had gone untasted. I would like to try this again sometime. Keep us posted if you try any of those recipes...