Friday, January 8, 2010

An uneventful trip

I just put Leo down for the night.  I am in Madison and Aaron and Amy are to Aaron's work Christmas party and I got to stay with Leo.  He is just too cute. 
The travel today was uneventful.  Of course the trip was so empty without Gail.  I have not traveled like this alone before.  When I went to door county I was with friends, Travis went with me to devils Lake and deer hunting I had done alone before so that was not different but coming today it was so empty.  I guess I will try my best to get used to that and long term some of that will go away and then things will be OK.  I am sure tomorrow will be different as well.  It will be nice to see friends at the wedding but there will be no hand to hold, no arm to hang onto and nobody to stay close to when the reception gets underway.  I guess that is me for now and I need to be thankful for how good God is.  I know that I did not put Leo to sleep as well as grandma could have but I am sure he was OK.  I read to him and then sang to him for a while.  His new bed that Aaron made sure is nice. 
When Gail and I would come to stay we would stay in the basement which has a nice bath etc. and I am staying here now.  It is lonely being alone here---what else can I say.
I was thankful for the nice travel.  I called grandma S on the way and then listened to a story on tape that Cynthia gave me.  That made the time go faster.
Enough for now, I had better go check Leo to be sure he is sleeping.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're doing just fine with Leo. Grandmas and Grandpas have totally different ways of putting grandkids to bed. Your way is special and unique to you and that's what Leo will remember and know that's Grandpas way and will look forward to it always. Hope you have fun with him and have a safe trip back.

michael said...

I only remember you, not Mom, putting me to bed when I was little. I loved the stories you told me every night about the farm, your family and childhood. You're a good story teller.