Friday, January 1, 2010

A quiet and peaceful day

It has been a quiet and peaceful day.  I took a walk, I did not drive any place, I did not spend any money and I did much thinking.  I am thankful I could start the new year in this fashion.

Travis came over for a time and that was really nice.  He did some more work on the snow fort in front.

Some of the things I took to heart from people who have passed on are:
  1. Brother Ronald--he had a great zeal for life, I could be better at that
  2. Sister Janet--she was such a domestic homemaker and care giver of her family,  I could love my family more
  3. My grandma and grandma--I loved to visit them and spend time with them,  I hope my grandchildren do the same 
  4. Charlie--he loved the Word and preached it, I could be a better witness for Christ.
  5. Mark Kohler--He was so honest,  I could improve on that
  6. Grandpa Saunders--He was so loyal to family and his farm, I could do better in that area
  7. Deanne--She was so happy, so bubbly,  I could be happier towards people and smile more.
  8. Gail--I can not say enough about Gail and I have said so much and will say more in the future so will not say much here except I will try to be more selfless in my love and service.
The first day of the new year has brought a kind of dullness to realities in my life.  Perhaps it is a sign I can move forward a bit, I do not know.  It has been close to 1/3 of a year now which seems impossible but it is true.  I think it is time for me to put more time and effort into who I am and what should I do.  I can now put Christmas and Gail's birthday behind me.  I now want to concentrate on being a better person and moving on with my life.  I miss Gail so much but I do know it will take more time for that to heal more but I do feel that it is now time to try and be more positive, more forward looking and try to move on a bit.  I do not understand why 2009 brought all the things it did but questioning it does nothing for me so in my thoughts and in my writing I will try my best to be postive and upbuilding.
I think I need to write more about life, about dreams, about purpose and about doing God's will in my life.  I hope I can be successful with serving our Lord.
I am looking forward to Al/Deb party tomorrow.  I don't think I will play games but I it will be good to see people and visit.

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