Saturday, January 30, 2010

See any resemblence??

It was Henry night.  I think that Henry looks a lot like his dad in these pictures.  They are about the same age here.
It was a fun night.  As you can see there were hot dogs with cartoons, battleship and a movie.  At 8:15 Henry asked if he could go to bed but of course there had to be a grandpa story first.  He found out how we made a shower out of a barrel and old boards compliments of Ronald (Red) and I am sure his wife Glorine stills remembers how that shower worked.
Perhaps I need to stop sharing some of these lonely times but at least one more time here.  Man tonight it was so hard and I am not sure why.  It kind of was like last night and that was kind of difficult but tonight as I walked downstairs from telling Henry a story I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs "I don't like this and I want Gail back".  I was glad that the tears did not come until I was downstairs.  Maybe it is just that all of those grandchildren are so cute and so sweet that it is hard not to share the experience of being with them with my Gail.  It is the same old story she is in a better place but I miss her so so much. 
It could be that Jenny (Dodge) was here for about an hour and we talked most of the time of times past.  Jenny had so many experiences with Gail and I and the memories were so fresh as we talked that I just wanted Gail to be back here.  Jenny said she used to love to come to parties we would have and I know many people were like that because Gail just did parties like it would be the last one in the world.  EVERYONE loved them and had such a good time.  Never did we ever run out of food, drink or fun when Gail planned something.  And of course at the end of every celebration when everyone was gone we would sit down exhausted and she would say you did it and I would say no you did it and in our hearts we knew we were so one that WE did it.
Sometimes I think I share too much or express too many of my feelings so will sign off.

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Jennifer said...

It was great seeing you last night.